Internet of Things Showcase

Vodafone’s IOT (Internet of Things) category is packed with exciting tech solutions that can make our everyday even more enjoyable. However, when it launched, shoppers were hesitant to enter the new world of technology. How could we cut through and make IOT a no brainer? We discovered that shoppers saw IOT as an irrelevant category. They didn’t understand how our products could work for them and enhance their lives. We needed to find a solution that communicated the pros of the category in a warm, engaging and truly relevant way.

We opened Vodafone shoppers’ eyes to the value of modern tech with our IOT Showcase – an immersive experience that let shoppers get hands-on with each product using familiar everyday scenarios to explore the benefits. Interactive PODs let shoppers discover the range at their own pace and brought simplicity to the products. The installation was a first of its kind, and has had nearly 4,000 interactions since launch. We were also incredibly proud to learn that it led to 7 times more sales during opening weekend.