Día de los Muertos

Candy is a crucial part of Halloween celebrations and seasonally designed packs reign supreme. So, when H-E-B cut their factory buy of priority pack-types by 18.3% during a “pandemic” holiday, it left a monster-sized gap in Hershey’s in-store assortment, and possibly the shopper experience. What HERSHEY realized was that Halloween wasn’t the only thing that mattered to H-E-B shopper. By closely aligning to her Hispanic culture and love of traditions, we created the Día de los Muertos Sugar Skull Candy Tray and successfully redirected shoppers to reach for themed creations vs. themed bags, exceeding factory order gap through non-seasonal party bags and crushing the sales gap with a 121.4% sell through!




Effie Winner (2021): Silver Commerce & Shopper, Single-Retailer Program – Supermarkets