We Summer Oui Boursin

Remember that one summer you’ll never forget? For Boursin it was the summer of 2019. Our fully integrated campaign hit the entire shopper journey, reversing Boursin’s declining penetration and transforming it into the fastest-growing brand in the indulgence cheese category. Our bold and versatile rally cry: “We Summer, Oui Boursin”, and seamless omnichannel approach, drove consideration all the way to shelf. No longer was Boursin just for Christmas. Now, it was THE cheese of the summer, too. From cut-through content and clever social media partnerships, to inspiring executions, new summer packs and serving up a treat at food festivals, no self-respecting foodie could deny – or resist – Boursin’s new summer cheese status.




2 IPM Golds: Insight/Strategy & Use of Art Direction, Messaging and Design

1 Silver IPM: Connected Shopper Activation of the Year